What does an idibu tech do at the weekend? Fight club or geek heaven?

It's been a day of weekend confessions from some of the idibu tech team...

Vitaly shows his kick-ass moves inside the Thai boxing ring becoming the gold winner of the junior K-1 Championship:


Over £2000 paid out to partners in July and August

After the launch of our sales-partner network a couple of months ago, I wanted to blog about how well it's started off with commissions totaling £2420 already paid to three partners.


Martin speed pitching London 27th Sept, Steve at Rec Awards Singapore 6th Sept

As well as many other interesting names in the industry, you can see non-other than my esteemed colleague and business partner Martin Bramall sweat it out as he delivers the benefits of what we do in 20 minutes.


Additional laws of robotics needed (?)

When you are a child and you have your parents helping and assisting you. The normal course of action is that parents help less and less over the years, so that children grow, become self-sufficient and independent. Through this process they end up with some bruises, perhaps lose money or friends. Ordinary ups and downs of everyday life.


Bart Jaworski and the meaning of life

It won`t be a revelation to say that life is a wonderful thing. Looking at it from technical perspective, trying to observe life and evolution as if this was a chain of self-improving (biological) machines, makes you really appreciate the great scheme of the design. Or doesn`t it?


How good can an advert distribution integration be? The RDB idibu webservice video shows you exactly that.

This week we released the first of the new Native360 integrations from idibu. 

Its a great moment for the idibu tech team, as it represented a huge amount of work taking something thats complicated and making it really simple to use. The process of coding the integration meant we covered pretty much every available post and tracking webservice that are all publicly available from an idibuworld developer account.


The Aspects of Quality

Did you notice how hard it is to get word 2000 users to operate the 2008 and newer edition? How difficult is it for them is to switch to the ribbon interface. I know more then a dozen people that were very unhappy with new approach: “Can’t find anything I need any more. Why did they change it all?”. “Well, to make it all better and you are so used to the old interface, that you don’t want to give the new one a chance” is always my answer. It took me almost a year to convince my university professor to stop rebelling and embrace the change. When he did, I heard “Well, mr.


Viral idea

Last week I've come to a conclusion that technology makes us more isolated, preventing us from certain amount of random encounters, that could potentially improve our lives. However, having some time to think about it, I realized I might have been wrong. We life in the age of a "global village" where everyone is connected via internet. And this actually brings the random encounters to a whole new level.


Augmented Reality Loneliness

Few weeks ago my friends got really excited about Google`s new project: Augmented reality glasses. Basically a handy device that connects ourselves to the tech already available in the most natural way... Just see it here.


The future of human-machine interaction

Last week I`ve stumbled upon an amazing clip. It presents a device that would allow you to control your computer without anything else other then your own hand. Much like it was seen a few years ago in the "Minority report" movie. Another example of a sci-fi idea becoming reality and even improving the initial concept - Leap presented in the video required no additional finger add-ons. Absolutely amazing!



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