Downloadable Content (DLC)

In the recent years the gaming industry thought of a genius way to earn more money: The DLCs. A small packages of data that allow you small add-ons to your game. Additional music, backgrounds, maps, characters. All too small to be called an add-on, but not small enough not to deserve at least a small payment. Well, it works for me when I play a game that is free and I need to pay for content that is extra. That is as long as it is not trying to limit your experience or game progress. A great example here is league of legends, one of the newest member of hardcore sport gaming community. Basically you only pay money when you want your character to have a look other then the default one. Everything else can be either received using cash or gaming time. And not ridiculous amount of it. The other end of the same coins are apple aps that stand to be free, however their actual functionality is so limited that you can't do anything really useful without paying. Not to mention a new irritating game designers' habit to include the "DLC" on the game CD and demand additional payment to unlock this content.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because I came to realize that this is hardly a new marketing idea. Imagine cars. You need to pay for every silly detail (different colouring for example) the more custom you want your car to be. But, there is not a situation where they sell you a V8 engine and limit its possibilities to V6 performance unless you pay. Of course that would be stupid, as V8 is more expensive to make then V6. But if they weren't? Wouldn't then the car companies try the V6 limitation to get more money of the same engine (Nvidia does a similar thing with their Graphic card every now and then)? Wouldn't that feel like being cheated and ripped of? Same as with in-game DLC.

Closing this entry... Would you pay to have a different, custom colouring scheme on your idibu interface?