idibu now available via full OEM licensed model

When we launched the site, we wanted to make it easier for anyone to take the idibu core service sets - advert and data distribution, applicant tracking, local cv search - and embed them easily using our full set of web services. 

In essence, we want to break down the technical barriers of system adoption - both to make life easier for developers as well as increasing end user uptake.
I've found that this mentality needs to extend to the commercials as well. Multi-posters are - traditionally of course - based on user licensing, or usage licensing. And this is sensible, as a business you want some form of usage to follow the revenue, else you can run into trouble.
But the presence of variable costs can create barriers for the partner integrating the services. What if they want to offer free posting and tracking to their end users? What if they want to maintain a fixed cost base, irrelevant of volume of posts or users?
We've now created a model where partners can fully license the idibu posting system, that can be placed on their own servers, to be used without posting or user based limitations, but with the ongoing support and upgrade path being driven from idibu HQ.
Its typically not for the smaller provider, but it provides a great angle for major players wanting to be able to offer posting, tracking and local search with more control over the software products they embed within their own frameworks, to be able to invest in custom usage of the idibu distribution engine within the comfort of a fixed cost model.