Post and CV search simultaneously with idibu (video)

Sometimes at planet idibu we get too focused on development and forget to show off the work we do.

For me, our ability to posting adverts and to search CV databases at the same time is testimony to this - its innovative, it saves our clients time, and we simply haven't showed off enough about it :)
As well as saving time, it also allows our clients to maximise the use of their locally stored applicant data. Every applicant that enters idibu is parsed and stored locally, becoming fully searchable. 
So even if you dont want to search external CV databases, you can still get search results from your local idibu applicant database straight after the posting is complete.
I've made a 3 minute video that will take you very quickly through Apsearch, our aggregated CV search product, and then demonstrates how easy it is to simultaneously post and search.
We've even added a small treat for Adam F fans!