Wiping iFrames off the face of the planet

As the technical world moves forward we know that - while some stuff hangs around like a bad smell... IE6 for example - that eventually they'll go away.

When it comes to system integration, I hope we can apply a respectful RIP to iFrames. We dislike them, along with the other 78% of people surveyed.

As a line of least resistance they are great - easy to add and setup - but horrible to use, like buying a car where different front and backends have been welded together. For developers they're typically disliked, doing nothing for the elegance of your site or benefiting your SEO.

One of our missions is to rid the world of iFrames.

Nothing is worse than two parties looking at the hard hours they put into creating their own good-looking interfaces ruined as they try to genetically splice them together. And it's typically bad news for the users who are usually aware they are using different systems with different workflow logic.

We're specialising in developing native interfaces for our partners - we have lots of experience of it. Sure, we still have some iFrame instances among the integration work we've done in the past, but we're moving away from this.

We all know the future of the web will be web service driven, and investing the time to make native interfaces is going to be a big win for the companies willing to do it.