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What does an idibu tech do at the weekend? Fight club or geek heaven?

It's been a day of weekend confessions from some of the idibu tech team...

Vitaly shows his kick-ass moves inside the Thai boxing ring becoming the gold winner of the junior K-1 Championship:


Over £2000 paid out to partners in July and August

After the launch of our sales-partner network a couple of months ago, I wanted to blog about how well it's started off with commissions totaling £2420 already paid to three partners.


Martin speed pitching London 27th Sept, Steve at Rec Awards Singapore 6th Sept

As well as many other interesting names in the industry, you can see non-other than my esteemed colleague and business partner Martin Bramall sweat it out as he delivers the benefits of what we do in 20 minutes.


How good can an advert distribution integration be? The RDB idibu webservice video shows you exactly that.

This week we released the first of the new Native360 integrations from idibu. 

Its a great moment for the idibu tech team, as it represented a huge amount of work taking something thats complicated and making it really simple to use. The process of coding the integration meant we covered pretty much every available post and tracking webservice that are all publicly available from an idibuworld developer account.


I, User - The battle for the interface space

It's amazing how long technology can exist before the marketeers hold it up as the next new thing. Podcasts were a classic, nothing more than mp3 file downloads, yet when they arrived it was presented and perceived as new technology. Credit to the marketeers who made it easy for the non-techs to understand this, but Podcasts could have arrived anytime in the preceding 5 years, perhaps more. Podcasts piggy-backed on the success and ease of iPods, but again - mp3 players had existed for a few years, they just hadn't been productised correctly.


Post and CV search simultaneously with idibu (video)

Sometimes at planet idibu we get too focused on development and forget to show off the work we do. For me, our ability to posting adverts and to search CV databases at the same time is testimony to this - its innovative, it saves our clients time, and we simply haven't showed off enough about it :)


idibu now available via full OEM licensed model

When we launched the site, we wanted to make it easier for anyone to take the idibu core service sets - advert and data distribution, applicant tracking, local cv search - and embed them easily using our full set of web services. 


Wiping iFrames off the face of the planet

As the technical world moves forward we know that - while some stuff hangs around like a bad smell... IE6 for example - that eventually they'll go away.

When it comes to system integration, I hope we can apply a respectful RIP to iFrames. We dislike them, along with the other 78% of people surveyed.


2012 begins - time to start a blog...

Welcome to my blog.

For a long time I've watched bloggers talking around stuff, and its always been tempting to get involved.

With the launch of the new international site, we wanted to create something that reflected the people behind the idibu business.

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