The situation

Job listing page inside Tempurer
Advert posting page, main details
Final steps to publish the adverts
Listing of applicants brought in va the idibu API
Shortlisting candidates inside Tempurer
Tempurer are a Cloud Recruitment Provider who supply a recruitment CRM product as part of their recruitment framework. They wanted to find a partner who could help them create a easy to use posting system to form a part of the CRM.

The problem

The Tempurer system was already well along the development pathway when discussions began between idibu and Tempurer, so idibu had to provide all relevant services to allow Tempurer to develop a system exactly as they wanted.
Tempurer needed a set of web services that would allow them to simply add posting as part of the CRM package within the native interface. As it was part of the self service SaaS offering, ensuring the system was low maintenance with low training and support requirements was more important than ever - as was agreeing a sensible financial approach to billing and revenue share.

Our solution

In the first instance, the majority of services already existed that Tempurer required to complete the work. However, in the development of the system we recognised opportunities to develop new services to reduce the behind the scenes Account Management and support overheads, allowing easy user profile synchronisation and automated account setup.
New services were delivered quickly using a phased rollout approach coordinated with the targets of the Tempurer technical team with the idibu team providing advice and support on approaches that would create the posting system Tempurer wanted.

The result

Tempurer now have native posting as part of their services that work exactly as they want it to. They are able to contemplate offering posting as part of their CRM system, and are able to focus on core areas of their business while having important peripheral features as a part of their complete cloud recruiting system.
As all other areas of the platform were developed in house, we were initially reluctant to outsource any facet of the framework. After coping exactly which features we would need from our job posting solution, we quickly realised that partnering with Idibu would actually drive the desired user experience. In addition, as we partnered with Idibu we do not need to concern ourselves with the labour intensive task of keeping the 100's of API's with the job boards up to date. We have also found the technical an account support to be exactly what we require (Jamie Carlisle, Managing Director).