Services & Consultancy

Data distribution services

idibu provides a wide range of web services that give you the power to manage information and make it work for you:

  • XML API posting services for native posting experiences inside third party software
  • HTTP posting interfaces for basic but quick to set-up posting integrations
  • Comprehensive system management via API - a full set of industry standard REST web services allows you to interact with our system and perform key actions such as:
    • Set-up ready-to-post accounts, straight out the box
    • Manage subscriptions to all posting destinations and control user settings (posting quotas etc)
    • Manage candidate data. Track applications, parse CV's etc

idibu Integration Kit (IIK)

IIK hands you the idibu engine and lets you get on with it, giving you the power to add posting destinations to the network quickly and easily. Now it's more than just advert distribution - you can any type of type of posting destination - social networks, blogs, SEO, PR, SMS, email, mobile - if it accepts data, you can integrate it and track usage.

All integrations are signed off by our technical team who'll provide you with all the support you need to 'grow your own'. We also advise how to get the most out of the 1200 posting destinations in the idibu network.

Consultancy (Make idibu part of your team)

We understand that you aren't getting the flexibility you need from existing developers. Or if it's available, it's too expensive to buy. We understand that current system integrations can leave a trail of fractured responsibility creating unnecessary overheads for all parties involved. 

Well, you'll be pleased to hear that we spend most days (and some nights) thinking up ways to better distribute data, to give the whole process some much needed visibility and to deliver an elegant, invisible new data flow that delivers information where it's needed to benefit and grow your business. 
Every enquiry gets a ONE HOUR FREE consultancy conference call to discuss how best to integrate our services into yours.
Some examples of where we can help:
  • Create the designs, mockups and specification documents for the work
  • Complete the technical integration work using our in-house team of LAMP and .NET experts

How to best add these services to your own product portfolio? Contact us now to book a FREE ONE HOUR consultation.